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    Mensaje por Jackalcete Lun Oct 24, 2022 9:35 pm

    Un sub mod que finaliza cosas y mejora otras de este mod que quedo abandonado:

    Bellum imperii is not finalized, has many bugs and has been abandoned by the author since 2019.
    Submod Optimum Edition refines, improves, complements and fixes the original mod.


    161 AD. Beginning of the sojourn of Marcus Aurelius. The Roman Empire is in its heyday and dominates the entire Mediterranean.
    But the calm turns into a storm: hordes of barbarians attack all the borders of the empire, the Marcomanni and Sarmatians break through the defensive lines, and in the east the old enemy, Parthia, threatens.
    Will Rome stand or fall under the onslaught of enemies? The fate of the Empire and all of Europe is in your hands.

    List of changes

    1. Fixed a bug with a dialogue with the arena master (in the original it was impossible to start a dialogue with him)
    2. Fixed a bug with the lack of blocking and stabbing options for Roman swords.
    3. Wars and faction relations are better defined by period, now Romans fractions fight with barbarian neighbors (in the original, all probabilities fought chaotically)
    4. Improved design (loading screens, icons, textures, etc.)
    5. A lot of music from films about the Roman Empire has been added to the soundtrack of the mod (centurion, last legion, gladiator, king arthur)
    6. Strengthened Roman units (in the original they were weaker than the rest, here they are approximately equal in characteristics to the same units of other factions)
    And many other changes and fixes aimed at the overall improvement of the game

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