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    Re: [SP][ES] Prophesy of Pendor

    Mensaje por Darcklion el Miér Oct 25, 2017 6:53 pm

    Al final lo conseguí pero no de esa forma era algo que venia activado en las opciones
    pero muchas gracias por responder
    Un saludo cheers
    Celian D'Aristide

    : : Yol Toor Shul!
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    Facción : Reino del Norte

    Re: [SP][ES] Prophesy of Pendor

    Mensaje por Celian D'Aristide el Dom Oct 29, 2017 1:00 pm

    Saludos caballeros, ya sabíamos que iba a salir la versión 3.9 de este grandioso mod, y ahora conoceremos más detalles y novedades que os dejo en el spoiler.

    **No lo traduzco porque es larguísimo jejeje**


    1) Item Balancing

    balanced gems weapons - each gem gives unique bonuses,
    difficulty reviewed and set for most items
    runed_bastard 43c 35p 3kg 110speed 4200gold (was 48c 42p 3.25kg 118speed 5103gold)
    noldor_bastard 42c 30p 2.8kg 103speed 3000gold (was 36p 20p 3.25g 96speed 2101gold)
    strange_rune_two_h_sword 55c 30p 3.3kg 90speed 9303gold (was 65c 38p 2.25g 95speed 19303gold)
    valdis axe 60c removed thrust value 4.5kg 95speed 11000gold (was 55c 23p unused 5kg 81speed 1350gold)
    ullrvetr_manifest - difficulty changed 7->5, price 1650->100
    doom mace 351->2000, added can_knock_down
    jousting lance 127->1800
    great lance 167->600, damage 21->22, speed 55->80
    viper_sabre 2100->1100, enabled scabbard
    noldor_longsword weight 3->1.8
    ebony_bastard_sword 1521->3200, weight 2.8->2.5
    all ebony 1h range from 1200 to 1700
    strange_great_sword 2277->2700
    dire_axe 2778->3700, diff 13->30
    ancient_rune_axe 2238->3300, diff 13->19
    long_axe_c 1399->1800
    long_axe_c_alt 1399->1800
    long_axe 697->820
    long_axe_alt 697->820
    barclay_sword 415->500
    rav_longsword 354->420
    bastard_sword_b 245->390
    sword_medieval_c_long 182->280
    imperial_radiant_plate weight 24->26
    phoenix_plate removed merchandise flag, CKO unlockable by unique spawn, weight 26->24
    phoenix_broadsword 1310->800
    long throw spear 1251->1100, ammo 1->5, difficulty 4 (max, due to problem with accuracy)
    shield round 26 350->200
    emerald_rune_bow 4923->17962
    maiden crossbow 1665->2200, abundance 2->3
    singalian_arrows 160->400
    dshar_elite_arrows 1200->1300
    melitine arrows 200->750
    melitine arrows2 300->680
    sing black leather 1782->5600
    scorpion armor 7123->5500
    hauberk_silver_mail weight 23->21
    silvermist_plate 21->24, value 8000-> 6200
    wolf armor 1 6015->4600
    hera_brig_plate_black 4107->9587, abundance 30->3, renamed to Heraldic Elite Brigandine
    sallet_closed 1585->1710
    noldor leather gloves 0.8kg->0.3kg
    dark_leather_gloves 670->850
    Heritage_Daja_Bow accuracy 98->96
    thrown axes - speed 18->24, quantity 4->up to 8, bonus against shields
    Banner_of_Sarleon - 4500 -> 10000
    plate_mail_polished - 4300->4800, weight 25->22
    all 6 crown helmets have the same stats and price (1000)
    both Eventide Helms body armour 6->4
    noldor_ancient_plate weight 21->22
    noldor_noble_armor weight 19->21
    noldor_rune_armor weight 22->19
    noldor_female_armor 10->14, diff 21-> 25
    noldor_archer_garb diff 30-> 21
    Eagle_Breastplate_Over_Mail armour 0/+2/+2, abundance 35->30, price 4400->5750
    Blue Rampant Lion Surcoat armour 0/+10/0, weight 18->22, abundance 100->30, price 1448->3100
    Blue & White Long Mail Surcoat armour 0/+2/-1, weight 23->21, abundance 100->10, price 2300->2900
    added all "bow's modifiers" (cracked, bent, fine, strong, masterwork) to: Noldor Composite, Darkwood, Ebon, Hawkstorm and Short Composite Bow
    noldor_goods and loot prices 3000->5000
    Melitine Tear Shield weight 6->5
    Melitine Horseman Shield weight 3->4
    Immortal Shield speed 75->82, hit points 500->600
    Empire Infantry Shield speed 65->80
    set as merchandise: Long_Hafted_Knobbed_Mace, Spiked_Club, Desert_War_Axe, Plate_Covered_Round_Shield, Leather_Covered_Round_Shield, Heater_Shield_-_de_Fleur_Adventure_Company, Heater_Shield_-_Order_of_the_Raven_Spear, Heater_Shield_-_Order_of_the_Wyvern, Scorpion_Round_Shield, Hide_Covered_Round_Shield, Fur_Covered_Shield, Engraved Serpent Shield, Snake Cult Shield, Blue Rampant Lion Surcoat
    each pair of gloves is different (visually or stats wise)
    Bec de Corbin is not pike, Southern Glaive is
    Heretics and Snake books 100->500 (should be higher in loot)
    renamed few items for better identification (e.g. Great Helms) or to avoid clashes with modifiers (like old old sword)

    2. General Item Changes/Additions (Not stats)

    Valkyrie helmet
    Demon Helmet
    Cavalry_Mace, Cavalry_Club, Steel Hammer and Battle_Hammer
    Asp Set (6 items) and supreme version for Maltise (2 items)
    Unicorn_Helm and Open_Unicorn_Helm for Knight_of_the_Unicorn
    Supreme_Raven_Helm for Ravens
    Barclay Light Armor and Morion for Barclay Adventurers (thanks to Cozur)
    new lady dresses
    Kraken: 2xshields, helm and armour
    Noldor Plate Greaves

    Maciejowski Helmet Black

    improved mesh and added male version of Falcon Plate, Valkyrie Stag Plate and Valkyrie Unicorn Plate
    Silvermist Mail Hauberk
    armours from Ohagi-junT's "PoP Adaptation files for(Prophesy of Pendor3.7063)": aqs_std_lthr_coat, aqs_nobleman_outf
    simplified and resized shields models - dimentions match item description
    optimized feather on Jatu_Mask_Helm
    Noldor Warsword
    ashenborn reaver halberds - lower poly, smaller
    ashenborn 2 handers - lower poly
    ashenborn2hs & snake sabre transferred to 1 texture
    created scabbards for his swords
    King Ulfrics Lance
    joust_of_peace, heavy_lance. heavy_lance_02, heavy_lance_03, colored arena lances for each team
    awl_pike_b, pike,
    spear3, screwedspear3, spear, spear_f_2-9m, bretonspear,
    japanspear, realglaive - lower poly
    unique model for Kaverra's Manopener
    realpolehammer, realbastardaxe, realbattleaxe, realhalberdd
    battle_ax, rustysword_a, dagger_b, club

    Eventide helmet - corrected inventory image
    head clips: flattop_helmet_new.lod1, ridge_helmet_a/b/c
    axe and great axe - corrected and optimized meshes (to fit 2h role)
    assassin_knives corrected animation
    pa_pop_armor_02_snouz applied manual lods from aqs_plate_armor2
    Polehammer - added itcf_carry_axe_back
    renamed itm_sarranid_two_handed_mace_1 from "Iron_Mace" to "Steel_Mace" (was the same as itm_sarranid_mace_1)
    shields dimensions in the files match actual models
    Blunt Steel Polehammer changed thrust animation
    Phoenix Broadsword and Phoenix Longsword - swapped names - better fit meshes
    toned down contrast on haume_balder's texture
    coat_of_plates - sleeves fit plate gloves

    3) Troop Changes

    - Pendor
    ---- reviewed reinforcements (strength in line with other kingdoms)
    ---- Lancer and Light Lancer were merged with Cavalry and Mtd MAA ("lancer fix" made them redundant)
    ---- Cavalry - prof 235->210, all stats -1
    ---- Mtd MAA - prof 275->250, all stats -1
    ---- Armoed Bowman Helmet with Cap -> Visorless Sallet
    ---- Heavy Spearman prof +10, Heater Shield -> Heavy Heater Shield
    ---- MAA removed Helmet With Cap (28 head armour), added Mail Mittens
    ---- Bladesman: Heraldic Mail -> Heraldic Mail with Tabard, Cap & Chain Helm -> Maximilian Helmet - Open
    ---- Squire - Saddle Horse - > Darksteel Hunter
    ---- Foot Knight - Claymore -> Battle Hammer, iron gauntlets -> hourglass gauntlets
    ---- Knight - added Battle Hammer, iron gauntlets -> hourglass gauntlets

    - D'Shar
    ---- more troops have gloves
    ---- D'Shar_Noble_Cavalry - armour and boots replaced with D'Shar_Plate_Armor and D'Shar_Brass_Plated_Boots
    ---- Djaha Archer agi 15 -> 24
    ---- Windrider - Leather_Gloves -> Dark_Leather_Gloves
    - Light_Cavalry upgradable from Empire_Levy_Hunter

    - Ravenstern
    ---- Kierguard - melee prof 290->280, swapped his skills (ONLY) with Ravenstern Highlander
    ---- Horseman upgradable from Ravenstern_Footman
    ---- Ranger (mounted as well) - guarantee gloves
    ---- Knight - added Silver Great Claymore and Battle Hammer to (mostly) boost autocalc attack
    ---- reduced Highlanders ransom price 600->400
    - reworked Fierdsvain units and troop tree; in Fierdsvain army, up to Fierdsvain_Trained_Militia, is 35% women

    - Sarleon
    ---- MAA prof 220->240, added mail mittens and steel hammer, guaranteed gloves
    ---- Halberdier: Great Helmet -> Steel Sallet, Heraldic Mail -> Polished Plate Armor
    ---- MHC Flat Top Helm replaced by Open_Bascinet_With_Feathers, guaranteed gloves,
    ---- added Calvary (lv 31 from Armored_Footman)
    ---- Red Fletcher Longbowmen - buffed skills and stats, archery 200 -> 280 guarantee helmet and gloves, lv 20->36

    - redone Vanskerry tree, updated party templates
    ---- Queen Agnus Freeboters - buffed skills, removed ranged flag, guarantee gloves, lv 40->36

    - buffed Warden and Sheriff stats and equipment (both units use blunt weapon only)

    - reworked Mercenaries Tree; wages increased +66%->100% as they become stronger, adjusted The Free Company composition

    - added new "flavour" minor faction, Inquisition:
    ---- special hero Holy Inquisitor Rasmus Devatica, which hunts Heretics and "persuades" D'Shar to forget about their old gods
    ---- armies, warbands, patrol size groups
    ---- Monks and Pilgrims can be upgraded to the more potent "holy warriors" (blunt weapon only)

    - added Order of the Kraken Cultists

    - other kings would not create Griffons chapters and King Gregory IV not going to create Falcons

    - removed Ebony Gauntlet from Senderfall, increased their spawn rate in Avendor 20->30

    - Knight of the Dragon - due to low autocalc values, replaced Cross_Hilt_Noble_Sword with Ravenstern_Longsword and Knight_War_Axe

    - Shadow Wolves upgradable from Empire Knights (were Empire Legionaries)

    - Phoenix Squire upgradable from Empire_Horseman

    - Falcon Order:
    ---- upgrade Falcon Knights from Maiden Adventurer, not from Maiden Noble
    ---- swap knights (worse stats) and sergeants horses (better stats, looks more expensive)
    ---- not enough Red Brotherhood and Adventures parties to complete the bounty quest - switched Adventures to Jatu
    ---- added men knights
    ---- knights received matching boots

    - unused Ironbred_Stallion in 3.8.4 returned to Shadow Legion Centurion and Wolfbode_Honor_Guard

    - unique spawns/mercenaries
    ---- buffed stats of both unique spawns and mercenary leaders; added some guarantee flags and few missing items
    ---- Knights of the Unicorn gloves and helmet are black as the rest of their equipment
    ---- buffed unique solders of The Snowlion Brigade
    ---- increased number of solders
    - adjusted numbers, composition of some mercenary/uniqe spawn companies (e.g. Griffonsword, Kodan, Alaric)

    - Snake Cult:
    ---- added new unit (Asp Vanguard)
    ---- Maltise received supreme Asp set
    ---- Snake Cult Armsman strength 12->15
    ---- Dread_Legion_Infantry - replaced Gauntlets with Dark_Leather_Gloves (Gauntlets look too clean)
    ---- Anaconda Knight strength +5, agility -1 (not totally undead, just "modified" by Priestesses)

    - Eyegrim_the_Devourer:
    ---- has only 1h Ruby Axe as melee weapon, received Demon Helmet
    ---- Fallen_Revenant received guaranteed Demon Helmet
    ---- replaced Double_Axe with Thunder_Double_Axe (designed for Heretics) for: Fallen_Footman, Fallen_Veteran, Fallen_Warrior, Fallen_Revenant
    ---- zombies level vary (20-35)

    - Doomguide and Possessed Doomguide received small shield; Possessed Doomguide set as "always fall dead"

    - Mettenheim:
    ---- Hauptmann has armour with cape, lv 40->45
    ---- Greatsword without
    ---- Mettenheim_Spieszknecht prof 290->320, removed Bec_de_Corbin, repleaced Long Awlpike (can't brace) with Ashwood Pike
    ---- Mettenheim_Forlorn_Hope lv 47->55

    - Barclay:
    ---- replaced Heavy Footman and Sapper with Barclay Adventurer (upgradable) in taverns
    ---- Heavy Footman - Barclay Noble Sword and Morningstar instead of Claymore; Sapper - removed shield
    ---- Conquistador lv 47->55
    ---- Lancer 40->45
    ---- renamed troops (made up names)

    - Melitine: removed 'guarantee horse' from Archer and Infantry

    - Jatu:
    ---- buffed slightly Zulkar's Grim Riders, both heroes and their armies; decreased min nunbers of Jatu Army to compensate

    - Singalian_Horseman agility 12->15

    - based as well on autocalc changed levels of:
    ---- Bearclaw_Berserker 50->45
    ---- Iron_Circle_Centurion 45->50

    - changed upgrade paths:
    ---- added for: Townsman, Caravan Master, Vanskerry Marauder, Mystmountain Raider, Heretic Worshipper, Barclay_Heavy_Footman
    ---- removed for: Hauptmann, Barclay_Lancer, Melitine_Heavy_Horse_Archer

    - added the "holy tree" starting from Monk

    - heroes with good equipment received helmets, but access to their inventories is restricted (require level 15 or 30); includes autoequip

    - kings and Noldor lords get secondary weapon, when they handling primary unique to the player

    - changed Gregory's gloves and boots to the matching ones and removed Runed Bastard Sword; removed Lion Shield from Ulric's inventory; both received unique crowns

    - pretenders
    ---- all have household troops
    ---- their stats match the lore better

    - Heartbeat quests: added more troops and Melitine company

    - changed Noldor_Warrior to Noldor_Hunter as prisoners in Jatu Army (Quigfen's quest)

    - fixed the body of arena fighters

    - Singalian Vidona and Snake Cult Leader (both hero and common) has "pretty female" faces

    - fixed some rare NPC barefoot

    - kings and top 3 lords from each kingdom will have equipment with the best possible modifier

    - all factions ladies-in-waiting will spawn as prisoners only if their kingdom is active (alive); rescued ladies of fallen kingdoms will have only option to enlist them

    - strength of Cool companions unique reinforcements more in line with the standard lords templates

    4. Bugs and Problems

    - corrected strength headers (from str_34 to str_120) so decimal value match hexadecimal
    - fixed CKO:
    ---- upgrade discount (both time and money) and added two safety checks for negative time (min 1 day) and cost (min 1000 gold)
    ---- all available items appear on the CKO upgrade lists
    ---- fixed black screen after CKO upgrade
    - fixed exploit: for orders, especially "free" ones (e.g. Griffons from "the letter" option) it was possible to progress in their hierarchy by simply creating (add x rank points) and dismantling (subtract 0 rank points) chapters
    - fixed issue with drunkman in Al-Aziz
    - fixed issue: in Al-Aziz gem weapon not received when player inventory is full
    - fixed issue with feasts relations modifications (fixed thanks to Leonion)
    - some NPC (Iris, Trainer etc.) treated as sergeants by minor KOs crated by lords (fixed thanks to Leonion)
    - corrected Leonion's tweaks:
    ---- 20.2 and 32 - Marius Imperator shouldn't act as a lord of defeated faction, Lord Leonius should
    ---- 38 companions who not acting as lords, won't receive relations boost with player after battles or sieges
    - fixed UllrVetr_Manifest exploit
    - fixed "Noldor defence bonus" (x2) when player autoresolve battle
    - fixed: fieft's mineral bonus implemented as was originally planned (as a result chance to get 300 increased from 5% to 11%)
    - fixed trade Qualis for Noldor troops when party is full (the gem disappear and Noldors were lost)
    - fixed: accept items from captured unique spawns heroes when inventory is full
    - fixed: modifier "tempered" not assigned to sword received as reward in the Noldor tournament
    - Maltise can't be moved to the castle prison; Dread Legion won't spawn, when Maltise executed by player or asked for unique items
    - fixed: unique heroes and captains won't be enlisted by kings as mercenaries if: given hero executed by player or asked for items before or already on the map or imprisoned by player
    - Snake Stronghold - removed chest from the initial scene (wooden interior)
    - fixed defenders spawning point in Singal (solders spawned in prohibited area)
    - Noldor's training grounds
    ---- moved spawning points closer to the middle of the arena, moved two of them above ground
    ---- max number of opponents is 4 (for high player level)
    - fixed TAB behaviour in combat (player fell->taken as prisoner->escaped->TAB in the next fight = fight automatically lost)
    - fixed: minor custom KOs solders shouldn't wear dresses
    - added dialog option to free player's lord kept in player faction prison (lord switched to player faction while he was in prison)
    - fixed the KO quest to win a tournament - quest will fail ONLY if both conditions are true: "no more days left" AND "tournament in the quest city is on"; otherwise it will be cancelled, in which case cooldown time is reduced 7days->1day
    - fixed: player doesn't take quest "track down bandits", in the meantime bandits are dead, player speak with guildsman, script error
    - fixed: player have no space in inventory and coronation gifts are lost
    - fixed exploit: player can only receive one crown helmet
    - fixed KO bounty quests - only KO's enemies accounted towards it
    - fixed the arena/tavern infinite sound loop
    - fixed Retreat (F1-F5) battlefield option
    - fixed: player leads allies to break the siege, but after winning all allied lords and their armies end up in player party (listed only on the world map)
    - tutorial merchant quest - corrected number of required solders
    - fixed: during "free lord form prison" quest player has the same items inside and outside
    - fixed: Tutorial Merchant Quest - during Hideout part common lair leaders will spawn instead of heroes
    - Troops Trees in Reports: removed duplicate troops and cover situation when troops have more than 24 items (error spam messages before)
    - fixed few spelling mistakes
    - player replaced minister -> latests quests given by minister were aborted (penalties), even if were successfully completed before
    - fixed script error, when player (as a king) dismissed own mercenary company
    - fixed transparent items in the "achievement" or "order established" screens
    - fixed: companion set to "stay away from fight", then promoted to minister, able to clone himself (is in the castle and party)
    - fixed cloned wife/spouse
    - fixed: arena sound would cut abruptly shortly after the beginning of a tournament round (added delay)

    5) General Additions/Changes

    - less not essential background calculations (reduced chance to corrupt gamesaves during save operation on the world map):
    ---- achievements checked 1hr->24hr
    ---- Leonion's tweak 32 (Forcing lords to GTFO of dead factions ASAP) checked 1hr-> 2days
    ---- Leonion's tweak 29 - in order to reduce on screen spam messages and remove one trigger checked every 12hr, moved this feature to the Tawernkeepers
    - POP custom font:
    ---- fixed font kerning for potential localisations
    ---- is optional (players can enable it themselves) as too many confused Mac, Linux and non English players
    - added the "ratio bar" displayed on the battlefield screen; may: be disabled, include reinforcements/reserve
    - revamped the mod options page
    - added 2 options to display messages on deaths in player army and kills by player
    - set can_crouch = 0 as high tier range units can't hit crouching solders; players can enable this feature easily in the module.ini file
    - savegame reload doesn't change outcomes of some events
    - there were two types of blood particles : "line" of big, slow, long lasting droplets and "cloud" of small, fast moving, fast despairing droplets; removed "line"
    - redistributed few skills points assigned during character creation - max skill level capped at 7
    ---- stage1 - misterious1 - looting 4->3, tracking 0->1
    ---- stage2 - succmarch2 - trade 2->1, athletics 0->1
    ---- stage2 - fend2 - looting 3->2, ironflesh 0->1
    ---- stage3 - engineer3 - engineer 4->3, athletics 0->1
    ---- stage4c - selfmarch4c - trade 2->1, prisoner management 0->1
    ---- stage4d - selfmarch4d - trade 1->0, tactics 0->1
    - fiefs: income +33%, upgrade time -33%, upgrade cost -20%
    - prisoners price -15%, ransom price -15%, lord's base income 1000->500
    - CKO:
    ---- training progress is checked more often (24hr->18hr) - should reduce training time
    ---- added missing Noldor items (both gloves, knight helmet, cape versions of armours) to both lords or Elcari; moved female armour from city to lords as it is OP
    ---- knights and sergeants genders can be set independently
    ---- thanks to Dusk Voyager's script CKO units will equip all items from inventory (e.g. all will spawn with two quivers)
    - KO:
    ---- ability to buy full set of armour from the Knight or Sergeant in the castle (not CKO!); to access minimum 1200 renown, 30 honour and +30 relations required OR player is Grandmaster (additional 10% discount); prices depends on relation level, but even with 100 points, items are 27% more expensive then in shop (for 14 trade)
    ---- handle Snake's or Heretic's Book to enemy order (castle) to receive small gratitude and boost to relations (1 book = +1, 3 books = +5)
    ---- KO's renown quest - player can dismiss own solders in order to make space for KO units (reward),
    - added diamonds, which allow to store money more safely:
    ---- Guildmaster sells/buys three sizes for 10k, 50k, 100k
    ---- relation with city need to be at least 0, +10, +15 for options to appear
    ---- 5% fee when selling
    ---- diamonds can be sold to the merchants for 10% of their nominal value
    ---- small amount of money from each "buy" transaction is added to the city wealth
    ---- when player captures an unique spawn, hero can trade his freedom for Large Pouch of Diamonds (instead 100k denars)
    - Tavernkeepers:
    ---- added info about locations of all invading armies (cost 2000 denars, saved to the Game Log)
    ---- 2x Various Loot could be exchangd to Baggage Train (one at the time)
    - Ransom Brokers:
    ---- removed Queen_Agnus_Freebooter, Singalian_Horseman, Barclay_Lancer, Red_Fletcher_Longbowman
    ---- added (chance 10%, 15-19 units at once): Melitine_Free_Brother, Mettenheim_Avonteurer, Barclay_Adventurer
    ---- their hire price based on level (+25% if mounted, +30% extra)
    ---- added option to hire common mercenaries - squad of 30 solders (mixed tiers, enlist price +40% above "tavern merc")
    ---- gamble with Ramun to get access to unique troops
    - one companion (especially Frederick, Donavan and Boadice) may be asked once a week for few special troops; if companion in tavern 1-6, in party 2-4, who act as a lord 1-2; their hire price based on level (+25% if mounted, +20% extra)
    - new NPC in one of the towns
    - added fief exchange with lords (modified and fixed Leonion's tweak 28)
    - Noldor:
    ---- adjusted prizes received after winning Noldor tournament (chances, quality and quantity)
    ---- pass Noldor Trade Goods to Arandur and Quigfen to receive more troops
    ---- added option to reduce relation with Noldor by -10 at one time
    - chests in all cities:
    ---- have max capacity
    ---- Sarleon: lion_warhorse replaced with armored_warhorse_sarleon
    ---- Janos: replaced Marius_Helmet with Runed_Bastard_Sword
    ---- Javiksholm: replaced Runed_Bastard_Sword with Ancient_Rune_Axe
    - during coronation player will receive one of the six crown helmets (different designs, connected with culture, the same stats)
    - compensation for not being awarded a conquered fief 900->2500 denars
    - added throwing_daggers to player's inventory during "sneak in to the town" type of missions
    - added Barclay and Mettenhaim to the Troop Trees in Report
    - factions ladies-in-waiting will only spawn when their faction is alive
    - rearranged and added items unlocable for CKO,
    ---- separate dialog option: maltise, ithilrandir, aeldarian, syla, burilgi, heynrich, alaric
    ---- addition to diamonds: kjuda, zulkar, rasmus
    ---- items enabled via script - changed abundance 100->1
    - Snake Cult and Jatu are able to slowly recover from "obliterated" stage
    - lord, who has small army (<=70 solders or <=60% of "ideal party size", was <=10 & <=30%) and is currently at a walled fief (e.g. was beaten and just respawn), should not leave this location (script_npc_decision_checklist_party_ai); connected: taxes from lord's fiefs are automatically transferred to his account every week (was every month) (Adding earnings to town)
    - enabled order "There is a fortress which can easily be taken. Go to.." to the marshal
    - Seneschal's War Menu:
    ---- enable/disable automatic training from Training Grounds in a given location
    ---- accept 10 or all (up to max capacity of player's party or money) Noblemen into player court
    - walled fiefs interiors are guarded by top common solder from given faction
    - Pendor caravans will recruit Pendor troops, not the town original owner ones;
    ---- replaced Mercenary Infantry with Mercenary Warrior in all caravans
    - added info about lords wealth to the info page
    - Scorpion Assassins replaced D'Shar Ghazi Revears as "night bandits"
    - after issuing order: "use only blunt weapon", units without such items will use the first melee weapon from their inventory instead of fists;

    6) Scenes

    - added a wooden bridge near Singal and made the nearby mountain pass more visible
    - plenty of new and replaced scene items (9 paintings, 11 carpets, vegetables, fruits, bread, candles, chandeliers, scrolls, chairs, statues, a long table, fixed torches, an oil lamp, a brazier, a cauldron, plates, meat, a steampunk style globe and a 'bathtub')
    - reworked taverns and town castle scenes, as well as the wedding scene (items, light, layout, textures)
    - added Lucky Lancer's training fields' scenes
    - removed walls from Gunders Lodge interior (some NPCs could spawn behind them)
    - changed Sarleon castle scene, moved the globe to the ceiling
    - fixed Seven Cross Keep spawning point (lord rescue mission)
    - fixed minor imperfection on the world map (e.g. stretched map texture on sharp edge)
    - new mountain texture

    PD: ya sabéis que una vez salga la nueva versión tardaremos unos días en traducirla ya que comenzamos hace un tiempo.

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    ''Tachar de imposible lo que no tiene cabida en la propia experiencia es una señal inequivoca de estupidez'' By: Farengar


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    Re: [SP][ES] Prophesy of Pendor

    Mensaje por Matroxx el Miér Nov 08, 2017 4:54 pm

    Esa es la stance a dos manos? estara para instalar en otros mods?:O

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    Re: [SP][ES] Prophesy of Pendor

    Mensaje por Glaurung el Lun Nov 20, 2017 2:30 am

    Buenas, me sale este error couldn´t load textures/pc_pendor newgame dds. Mi warband es versión 1.170, será por eso?

    EDITADO para evitar doble post

    Me descargue este mod, tengo la version del warband 1.170 y para mi sorpresa me sale un mapa de pendor pero con las ciudades del warband, es decir me sale Jelkala, Suno, etc, solo salen estos reinos, no hay las demas facciones ni nada. alguien sabe que puedo hacer?

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    Re: [SP][ES] Prophesy of Pendor

    Mensaje por Mikeboix el Lun Nov 20, 2017 7:11 am

    Glaurung escribió:Me descargue este mod, tengo la version del warband 1.170 y para mi sorpresa me sale un mapa de pendor pero con las ciudades del warband, es decir me sale Jelkala, Suno, etc, solo salen estos reinos, no hay las demas facciones ni nada. alguien sabe que puedo hacer?

    Prueba con esto: [Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]

    Un saludo.

    Glaurung escribió:Buenas, me sale este error couldn´t load textures/pc_pendor newgame dds. Mi warband es versión 1.170, será por eso?

    ¿Entiendo que esto ya lo has solucionado? Revisa tus mensajes privados porque has hecho doblepost.

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    Sargento a pie

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    Re: [SP][ES] Prophesy of Pendor

    Mensaje por haziel12 el Vie Dic 29, 2017 2:03 am

    Yo recuerdo que este mod lo deje de jugar por dos razones.... Sin querer me hice enemigo de una facción que se encontraba al ¿Este? del mapa que eran parecidos a los Elfos, con caballos y arcos.... Y UNA PUNTERÍA DE LA PUTA MADRE.... Razz Embarassed
    Y por el hecho de que no poseía el diplomacy integrado...
    ¿En esta nueva versión lo agregaron o algo?
    Porque he leído lo que cambio la actualización pero muy por encima.

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    [Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]

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    Re: [SP][ES] Prophesy of Pendor

    Mensaje por Mikeboix el Miér Ene 17, 2018 10:01 pm

    Prophesy of Pendor 3.9 se acerca, y aquí una pequeña preview de tropas y armaduras nuevas:


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    Re: [SP][ES] Prophesy of Pendor

    Mensaje por kikmaister el Lun Feb 05, 2018 10:18 pm

    tengo un bug por el cual las tropas no me hacen caso en el campo de batalla
    por lo que es imposible jugar
    he probado a empezar otra partida y nada
    alguno tiene una idea?

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    Re: [SP][ES] Prophesy of Pendor

    Mensaje por Ryusakix el Dom Feb 18, 2018 10:29 pm

    Mikeboix escribió:Prophesy of Pendor 3.9 se acerca, y aquí una pequeña preview de tropas y armaduras nuevas:


    ¿Para cuando es el anuncio? apenas estoy comenzando, llevo como 4 días seguidos jugando y está increíble el mod, es bellísimo y optimizado para que me vaya con mi tostadora Very Happy


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    Re: [SP][ES] Prophesy of Pendor

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